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VideoApr 2020

Yuval Noah Harari | Will democracy survive COVID-19?

(23:03) Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari discusses the world after Coronavirus.

VideoJul 2012

Climate change in blunt, plain terms

(17:44) Contender for the most important TED lecture on our future.


AnimationFeb 2017

Why humanity destroyed itself

(5:23) The real reason we may destroy ourselves isn’t really to do with politics or economics or even warfare.

VideoApr 2008

Microsoft surface computer

A coffee table that will change the world


VideoJun 2008

BMW GINA Light Model, reskinning the car

Chris Bangle gives us a first impression of the ideas behind the process of sculpturing an experimental study


VideoJul 2012

VW's 'The People's Car Project' - The Hover Car

(3:40) In 2011, Volkswagen asked people in China to help innovate future cars. This was one girl's idea, a hover car.

VideoFeb 2015

NASA projects megadroughts for American West

(2:40) Scientists estimate future drought risk using data from tree rings and soil moisture.

VideoJan 2020

A Different Bias | Brexit Britain sees talent drain

(6:45) The UK is slipping down the global talent rankings.

VideoDec 2005

The Tweel

Revolutionary tyre technology to shape the future

VideoJul 2019

Bentley's luxurious autonomous concept car for 2050

(7:19) This is the EXP 100 GT, Bentley's vision for its GT cars of the future.