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94%VideoFeb 2008

Germs and you, especially on dirty filthy cowboys

Strange public information type film by Al Yankovic


92%VideoMar 2010

Germaphobe crazy sick rapper!

Whilst in hospital, apart from the cheeky little family of TB bacterias (sh*theads) that have been living in my lung, I have also been hearing about othet dangerous bacteria found in hospitals. German techno rap against bacteria!


91%VideoMay 2009

White blood cell chases bacteria

When a germ or infection enters the body the leukocytes attack. There are five different types of leukocytes which are produced from a multipotent cell in the bone marrow known as a hematopoietic stem cell


88%VideoDec 2010

We are not alone, never ever

At any given time, we are the keeper of a zoo with more creatures than the entire human population. Not what Desmond Morris meant by in his book The Human Zoo, but a zoo nervertheless.


88%VideoMar 2012

Creatures you share your body with

(7:18) Although you may sometimes feel it, you are never alone. Billions of other organisms live on or in you.


88%Dec 2003


87%VideoApr 2009

Sneezing and opera together in slow motion

Australian PSA shows the devil in the detail in this informative yet disgusting clip


87%VideoMay 2012

Human parasites, the good, the bad and the very ugly

(9:05) VlogBrother Hank Green tells us about the little things that live on or within you, all 100 trillion of them.

87%VideoFeb 2013

A billion reasons to be a germaphobe

(2:05) How clean is a toilet seat?


87%AnimationMar 2016

The Antibiotic Apocalypse

(5:57) Antibiotics were supposed to be a weapon of last resort against bad bacteria, but through their overuse, they could create a superbug immune to any new antibiotic we can invent.