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96%VideoJan 2014

Russia's Loch Ness monster

(0:50) Beneath the ice of an obscure Russian lake, lurks Russia's very own Nessie.

96%VideoJan 2015

Largest glacier calving ever filmed

(4:41) Glacier calving, aka ice calving, is the breaking off of chunks of ice at the edge of a glacier. In May 2008, Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski were filming at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland for the documentary 'Chasing Ice' when the witnessed the break up of the glacier's edge. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide.


96%VideoFeb 2018

The sound of thin ice

(3:32) This is how skating on 45mm new black ice sounds like.

96%VideoNov 2012

'Chasing Ice' changes a life

(1:43) Climate change denier who watches Bill O'Reilly daily, changed her mind after seeing the film 'Chasing Ice'.


95%VideoFeb 2013

Russian sailors rescue a dog stranded on a mini iceberg

(1:21) Incident in the Russian port of Magadan located in the cold north east corner of Russia.


95%VideoFeb 2012

Antarctic glacier collapse

(2:02) Danger's afoot when a glacier collapses nearby kayakers and penguins.


94%VideoMar 2013

Demonstration of the amazing thermal properties of graphene

(1:23) TCPG (Thermal Conductive Pyrolytic Graphite), or graphene, transfers heat 12x higher than copper. This demonstration shows graphene 'melting' through ice.


94%VideoMay 2013

Ice tsunami at Izatys Resort

(6:53) Ice creeps up from Mille Lacs Lake at Izatys Resort (golf & yacht club) in Minnesota.


94%VideoDec 2013

Glass skating in Swan Valley, Montana

(5:54) Perfect conditions created glass-like ice on the lakes.


94%VideoMay 2014

One scientist's point of view about the melting ice caps

(6:53) Cryosphere program manager at NASA, Tom Wagner, looks at the loss of Arctic sea ice, changes in Greenland and Antarctica.