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VideoOct 2006

Blair poses question: Should I stay or should I go?

PM clash with electorate


VideoJun 2009

Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice

Mashup adding a little bit of spice into the Sugar


VideoFeb 2007

Knights of the Round Table

Star Trek meets Monty Python

VideoSep 2018

Ned Rush | Ripley doesn't like your Ableton set


VideoOct 2007

Hitler banned from iSketch!

Just when you're trying to have some fun! Mashup from the film Downfall.


VideoJun 2010

Hitler sings The Jeffersons theme song

Spirited performance of 'Moving On Up', not by Ja'net Dubois as you might expect, but by Adolf Hitler


VideoAug 2006

Beatin' round the Bush

Bush scratches more than his head

AnimationFeb 2008

Ronald McDonald Japanese insanity

Mashup advert remixed to a game soundtrack


AnimationJul 2010

Mel Gibson calls ridiculously handsome Old Spice man

Who's on a horse? Mash-up with Old Spice audio from 'Awesome' ad campaign and Mel Gibson ranting on his high horse. Animation by Small Poppy Productions.


VideoMar 2008

Hillary vindicated! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered

Barely Political have unearthed new footage of Hillary Clinton's visit to Bosnia in 1996 proving that she was actually telling the truth