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94%VideoJan 2013

Journalist goes native

(0:34) Committed reporter strips on the job while filming a BBC documentary.


93%VideoOct 2012

Mr Bean on a bicycle... naked?

(0:53) Apparently, this is in Portugal.


90%PictureOct 2008

Ten random pictures - 8

Breaking wind, a reminiscing sailor, surprise earphone, a pleasant dream, OMG, Google in Japan, a strange tattoo, Darth Vader pissed off, snow tracks and a cheeky hairstyle.


90%PictureJan 2009

Skier suffers exposure

Pantless in Colorado after a chairlift's fold-down seat was not in the lowered position, which caused the man to partially fall through the resulting gap and his right ski got jammed in the ascending chairlift


89%VideoSep 2010

Strange goal in French football league

(0:33) Groville players were not amused.


89%PictureJan 2009

Ten random pictures - 14

Passport, eyeful, accident, zebra, aeroplane, sign, label, dog, bird and a ship


89%VideoNov 2009

Shiny Suds, not so shiny

Use the loofer


88%VideoOct 2009

Airport security roll out hi-tech body scanners

Manchester Airport introduces x-ray body scanners that can see through clothing leaving little to the imagination. They can even detect prosthetic limbs and breast implants. A necessary move towards safer flying, or an unacceptable infringement of privacy? Is a pat down less intrusive than x-rays of anonymous naked bodies? What about the health risks? So many questions that need answering...


87%PictureMay 2008

No job, no food...

Naked ambition to raise cash. Leon Schuster, South African comedian, famous for dressing up and playing on people's emotions.


86%PictureJun 2009

Piers Morgan strips for Burger King's new meat scent

Flaming scary stuff as Britian's Got Talent judge gets a bit X-factor for a meat-scented cologne