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VideoApr 2009

Children exposed to porn may expect sex to be enjoyable!

'In The Know' discussion on how pornography warps children's minds


VideoMar 2020

Breaking Bad | Walter Wipe


VideoMay 2008

Broke Trek

Kirk and Spock boldly enter the final frontier with abandonment


VideoSep 2008

CNN laughs it up over Sarah Palin interview

A first in the history of parody. From CNN's Late Edition, 28 September 2008


VideoMar 2015

Apple engineer on development of new 2015 MacBook

(3:39) Apple engineer explains what happened the day Tim Cook saw the 2015 MacBook for the first time.


VideoMar 2008

There Will Be Bud

Based on the trailer for the film 'There Will Be Blood'


VideoApr 2010

Hitler orders DMCA takedown

A parody of parodies. There are over 100 parodies of this 'Downfall' clip. The studio, Constantin Films, has ordered takedowns of some of them. In this clip, Hitler is the producer, and his lawyers tell him why he can't do a DMCA takedown and how the EFF would stop him.

VideoSep 2012

Jimmy Fallon is James Taylor at DNC

(3:21) TV host Jimmy Fallon impersonates James Taylor with 'Romney & Bain'.


VideoMar 2008

The Waldo Ultimatum

His identity erased. His past stolen. His whereabouts unknown. Based on The Bourne Ultimatum and Where's Waldo (originally Where's Wally) children's books.


VideoApr 2008

Baracky - The Movie

Small time boxer (Barack Obama) going for the big title against all the odds and a malevolent opponent (Hillary Clinton)