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VideoFeb 2005

David Armand (The Hollow Men) does Natalie Imbruglia

Torn lyrics made simple

VideoJul 2007

Mime and the face

The importance of exaggerated facials

VideoAug 2007

So you think you can dance - Phillip Chbeeb

Houston teen's dislocated dance

VideoMar 2007

Johann Lipowitz 'That's My Home'

Mime treatment on Paul Young song


VideoAug 2007

Hollow Man and Natalie Imbruglia share the stage

Pop and mime join forces


VideoFeb 2011

Gamarjobat rock on Comedy Rocks

Rarely does mime bring tears to your eyes quite like this Japanese duo do, Ketch! and HIRO-PON – together known as Gamarjobat


VideoSep 2007

Silent Movie, Mel Brooks - 1976

Cameo role in which Marcel Marceau speaks

VideoMay 2009

Young Drake Dixon jams to Randy Houser's 'Boots On'

Four year old son of singer/songwriter Dillon Dixon grooving on the back seat


VideoAug 2015

RobotBoys Playhouse 1

(1:19) Just robots having fun.

VideoSep 2007

Marcel Marceau in Warsaw

Mime artist silently slips away -1923 - 2007