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90%VideoApr 2012

The Roman legion at war

(5:00) The mechanics of a 'post-Marian' Roman legion in battle.


88%VideoMar 2013

Daniel Burrus - Predicting the future

(5:01) Futurologist and business strategist Daniel Burrus shows how even in a highly unpredictable world, many things are predictable. Includes some great business advice.

87%VideoAug 2017

Former general analyses North Korea's military strategy

(2:15) General James Spider Marks, former military intelligence officer in South Korea, breaks down North Korea's military strategy.


82%Dec 2002

Marketing strategy


73%PictureJun 2006

Sven's midfield strategy

New strategy spurs England on

63%VideoMar 2011

Military options against Colonel Gaddafi

The US, UK, UN, EU, NATO and France are well positioned to take military action over and into Libya. But unlike a board game, top powers are split on what military action should be taken.