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97%PictureJan 2015

Cartoonists create honorary art in memory of Charlie Hebdo victims

Artists from around the world create powerful images to honour the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre on January 7, 2015.

96%VideoJan 2015

In defence of Paris terrorists

(2:35) Lee Ann Mcadoo comments on how the politically correct police have cowered to the demands of the perpetually offended.


95%VideoJul 2011

Hugh Grant bugs a slimy journalist

(4:21) Actor Hugh Grant tells of how he recorded a conversation between himself and journalist Paul McMullen who revealed details of phone hacking by the media.


94%VideoMay 2009

Stephen Fry attacks journalists for media frenzy on expenses

It's not really important if they charged for their wisteria


94%VideoJul 2012

The Guardian - Skinhead

(0:30) The Guardian's award winning 'points of view' ad from 1986.


94%VideoJan 2015

Bill Maher - Je Suis Charlie

(15:21) Bill Maher and panelists Salman Rushdie, Carly Fiorina and Paul Begala discuss the recent terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.


93%Jan 2005

Dilemma for Deirdre


93%PictureMar 2014

It's shaggy dog story time

Can you write a better caption?


92%PictureSep 2008

Ten random pictures - 7

Soldiers at play, an unfortunate name, Mickey, an unpleasant bra, reading the paper, messy piping, tattoo, a scary dog, toothpaste to be proud of, and the Eiffel Tower


91%VideoJul 2011

Seething Steve Coogan rips into NOTW journalist

(7:30) Comedian, actor and writer Steve Coogan confronts NOTW Deputy Features Editor (1994 - 2001) Paul McMullen, a walking PR disaster for the tabloids. Former Director-General of the BBC Greg Dyke also joins in on Coogan's side.