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VideoMay 2009

Half snail, half plant

Sea slug that can give up eating a few weeks after birth and live off solar power

AnimationJun 2012

The Sun and our dynamic Earth

(4:27) The Earth's magnetic field, with the snow, ice and clouds that cover the planet, deflect and reflect much of the sun's energy that continually bombards us, leaving just enough energy to power our climate.

VideoMay 2009

Never ending polar sun, one week in two minutes

Time lapse footage during summer when the sun is permanently above the horizon. Music: Avi Hochberg


VideoOct 2010

The Great Engine of Life

No CGI involved. Real footage from TRACE, spacecraft designed to observe the sun.


VideoFeb 2016

Our seasons make no sense

(3:28) Joe Hanson explains why our seasons don't make sense.

VideoApr 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains tides

(13:16) Wherever in the universe you find gravity, you find tides.

VideoOct 2010

Why don't we make more use of the sun?

R5800 Solar Death Ray, made from a satellite dish, covered in over 5000 one centimetre mirror tiles. Properly aligned, it can melt steel, vaporise aluminium, boil concrete, and turn dirt into lava. The power of 5000 suns from an ordinary fibreglass satellite dish.


PictureJan 2002

Tan lines

Choose your activity, choose your skin tone

VideoMar 2011

NASA records huge solar flare

Caused by a large magnetic eruption, this fiery orb, or prominence, is not predicted to cause the power and communication disruptions on Earth once feared. But space weather can affect us. GPS satellites and DirectTV reception can be impacted by activity from the sun. A magnetic cloud can add an electrical current to power grids, thereby causing a blackout, said SRI International Center for GeoSpace Studies program director John Kelly.


VideoNov 2013

13 facts about space that will make your head explode

(3:41) Cracked collection of head exploding facts about the stars in the universe, including our very own sun.