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96%VideoFeb 2012

What and why do we have leap years

(7:00) 2012 is a leap year, meaning February has 29 days rather than 28.


96%VideoAug 2012

What's the oldest a person can be?

(4:34) VSauce Michael talks about age and the fascinating distortions of time we all have depending on our age.


96%VideoFeb 2015

Can dogs smell the time?

(3:29) Many dog owners claim their dogs know precisely when to expect them home. But how can a dog know?


94%VideoFeb 2016

Veritasium - The Speed of Life

(7:40) Why does time seem to speed up as we get older? And can we slow it down?

94%VideoNov 2017

Vsauce - Which way is down?

(26:10) In space, there is no down.

94%VideoSep 2008

How to synchronise five metronomes

(1:24) Synchronization of 5 coupled metronomes at Lancaster University.


94%VideoApr 2014

Pendulum Marble Clock

(4:57) Home made, 100% mechanical rolling ball clock by Turnvater Janosch.

94%VideoSep 2014

Apple Watch parody

(2:12) Apple has just released a pleasantly plump little electronic watch called, you guessed it, the Apple Watch.

94%VideoAug 2015

Compilation of fantastic watch movements



94%VideoMar 2018

Timelapse of the entire universe

(10:49) 13.8 billion years compressed into 10 minutes. This video shows just how young we truly are, and just how ancient and vast is our universe.