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94%VideoAug 2012

Mock The Week - Hilarious David Blunkett outtake

(3:11) On Mock The Week, the panel of comedians were asked to refrain from making blind jokes about David Blunkett.


94%VideoJun 2011

Otter and Michaela Strachan's intimate incident

(0:26) Hot BBC TV presenter Michaela Strachan is molested by an otter. One of the perks of the job.


94%VideoMar 2009

Ricky Gervais having fun with Elmo from Sesame Street

Director can't even control a muppet and a fat guy


91%SoundMar 2008

Orson Welles - Frozen Peas outtakes from Findus ads

Orson takes the inexperienced producers and copywriters to task for writing bad copy for Findus TV ads


90%VideoNov 2006

Countdown wankers outtake

Outtake from 1991. Contestants Gino Corr and Lawrence Pearse both come up with the same answer.


90%VideoFeb 2009

WGN news anchors off-air commercial break routine

Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange entertain the studio crew


90%VideoMay 2009

Alvin Hall reporting with ostriches

Attempting to talk economics amongst large flightless birds


90%VideoJun 2010

Steve Irwin's valiant bloopers

The most natural of moments with Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. It's not surprising he came unstuck one day.


88%VideoFeb 2010

AZO 2009 extra footage and outtakes

Some extra shots that didn't make it into AZO's 2009 showreel plus some funny outtakes. There are no serious injuries in this video, so those looking for gore and pain should look elsewhere.


88%VideoSep 2011

Bridesmaids (2011) - I live with four men, it smells like...

Out-take from Bridesmaids Blu-ray. Describe what living with four men smells like to you.