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VideoMar 2011

Motorcycle hits deer at 85 mph

Biker's story: "I did not crash, but the bike was totalled. It literally jumped right in front of me (about 10 feet at most) and I had no time to react! While editing this vid, the deer was only on cam for 6 frames which is 6/30 or 1/5 of a sec!
I think the momentum from accelerating out of the corner is what saved me, along with the fact that I hit it while it was still in mid-air. There were many factors that kept me on 2 wheels and I can't say whether I was lucky because I didn't die or unlucky it even happened."


VideoJun 2011

Japanese tsunami tour from inside a car

Incredible HD footage from inside Yu Muroga's car as he was caught out by the tsunami that devastated Japan's north east coast, March 2011


VideoJan 2011

Dogboarding around the block

How to keep your dog in tip top condition without too much effort on your part


VideoFeb 2010

Let Go - Kyle Chin longboarding down a beautiful curvy hill

Kyle Chin shows his skills on a longboard elegantly skating down a hill in Outerspace


VideoJun 2010

Snowboarder POV ride down Mammoth Mountain, California

Snowboarding Mammoth Mountain with a steady arm, the closest you'll get to the real thing without leaving your desk


VideoJan 2015

POV airliner landing in thickest fog

(0:38) With the aid of Cat III auto landing system, pilots land at Zurich airport in thick fog.


VideoAug 2010

Short life of Space Shuttle Atlantis' rocket boosters

A shot into space followed by a spectacular return to Earth, that is the life-cycle of a space shuttle booster rocket. Onboard cameras follow Space Shuttle Atlantis into space, before returning on a dramatic journey back to Earth.


VideoJul 2014

Surreal Russian dash cam footage

(2:31) Sit back and enjoy the blues.


VideoMay 2009

Aircraft carrier landing POV

U.S. SB3 Viking, landing on the flight deck of a military nuclear powered aircraft carrier during a exercise


VideoJun 2012

Doug Peterson Formula Racing Crash Cam

(1:39) American racing driver Doug Peterson in a split-second crash at the start of the June Sprints Road America at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.