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PictureSep 2008

Afghan carpet commemorates 9/11

Flying carpet


VideoSep 2007

Tribute to 9/11

Remembering those who died that day


AnimationNov 2008

Family Guy sums up the Iraq war in 30 seconds

A visit to Ground Zero clarifies everything for Peter


VideoSep 2011

Twin Tower cameos

From construction in 1969 to destruction in 2001, the Twin Towers made countless cameos in Hollywood movies. This montage celebrates their all-too-short film career.


AnimationSep 2011

John and Joe

Retired New York City firefighter John Vigiano Sr. had two sons, John Jr. also a firefighter and Joe, a police detective. Both were killed responding to the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. John Vigiano Sr. remembers his sons and reflects on coping with his loss.


PictureDec 2006

Russian pilot captures 9/11

Bird's eye view of WTC attacks


VideoAug 2008

World's most offensive joke - 9/11 (8 of 9)

In pursuit of funny

VideoSep 2009

Mythbusters Adam Savage discusses busting 9/11 conspiracies

Adam Savage from the show MythBusters spoke at the The Last HOPE (thelasthope.org) conference on July 20, 2008


VideoSep 2012

Everyone knows about 9/11... right?

(10:14) Journalist Adam Pletts went on patrol with US Marines in Helmand Province to find out what Afghans think about 9/11.


VideoMay 2013

Michele Bachmann: 9/11 was God's judgement

(1:20) Speaking at a prayer event inside the US Capitol, Michele Bachmann said the US had experienced God's judgement, not once but twice on that fateful day, September 11, 2001.