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92%VideoJun 2007

History of video games

Anthology from 1972 - 2007


87%VideoSep 2017

Before Apple, Steve Jobs was at Atari

(12:40) History of Steve Job when he worked at Atari changing the world with Apple.

86%VideoOct 2009

Indiana Jones transformed to small screen by Atari (1982)

Realistic pixellated Harrison Ford cracks his whip

84%VideoJun 2008

Retro Atari commercial

Advert originally presented in movie theatres in 1982 to promote Atari's newest arcade game, Dig Dug

Post-it Notes 81%AnimationJul 2007

Post-It Note Atari

Atari games animated using sticky notes

78%VideoMay 2007

Golden Shower - Video Computer System

Atari inspires electro serial music duo

67%AnimationFeb 2008

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - The Massacre

A loophole in the game allows you to slaughter everyone below


53%VideoOct 2007

Video Games Timeline

Anthology of almost every single video game system