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94%VideoJun 2011

Top Gear boys drive Bolivia's Death Road

(7:40) Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May come face-to-face with the world's most dangerous road, Bolivia's Yungus Road, aka Death Road.


93%VideoAug 2009

James May at the edge of space in a U2 spy plane

The world's highest flying aeroplane takes Captain Slow for an emotional ride of a lifetime. I think he found God.


93%VideoNov 2007

James May vs Gordon Ramsay - Food testing

(3:21) Nibbling on a bull's penis and some rotten shark.


93%VideoJun 2011

High-speed Albanian police chase

Top Gear boys Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May test their getaway cars after robbing an Albanian bank. Cars include the super luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost and Mercedes S65 AMG.


92%VideoDec 2008

Top Gear - James May's moment of honesty

(0:15) Captain Slow makes an accidental spliff, err... slip.


91%VideoJul 2008

Top Gear presents the Batmobile from Batman Begins (2005)

Richard Hammond and James May impressed by the build


91%VideoJul 2013

Top Gear - American vs British motor homes

(4:14) James May remains calm while reviewing two interpretations of the motor home.


88%VideoFeb 2016

Why can't trains go up hills?

(5:03) James May looks at why trains can't go uphill, and it's more interesting than you might first imagine.

88%VideoJul 2009

James May, passenger in an Impreza, on an airfield

For those who missed it, Captain Slow goes quite quick with rally driver Ken Block. Then, out of nowhere, champion motocrosser Ricky Carmichael joins in the fun.


87%VideoOct 2008

James May's Big Ideas - Melting steel with solar power

James gets his stick de-dogged after probing the power of this solar furnace