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96%VideoAug 2012

Customer and salesman, as kids

(1:57) From BoredShortsTV: "We asked a couple kids to pretend to be a salesman and a customer. This is what they came up with."

96%VideoOct 2013

Debt collector's strategy for getting paid: kindness

(3:05) Treat your customers with dignity and respect. That was the mantra Bill and Kathy Bartmann followed when they started their debt collection agency CFS2.


96%VideoMar 2014

The Expert

(7:35) Comedy sketch illustrating how difficult it is for an engineer to fit into corporate ways.


96%VideoOct 2014

Extreme enduro city race POV

(3:04) Action from Extreme XL de Lagares. Beta team rider Ben Hemingway takes on KTM's Andreas Lettenbichler through the narrow streets and stairs of Porto in Portugal.

96%VideoJul 2013

Rail thermite welding in Storfors, Sweden

(3:49) Thermite welding uses the chemical reaction of a thermite composition to heat the metal, requiring no external heat source.


95%VideoMar 2012

How to buy a car, using game theory

(2:47) Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, author of The Predictioneer's Game, shares his foolproof method for getting your next car for the lowest price possible.


95%VideoOct 2011

The Gruen Transfer - Banning all religion

(4:31) Australian TV show 'The Gruen Transfer' asked two ad agencies how they would sell the banning of religion.


95%VideoJun 2011

Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera (1957)

(7:21) Walt Disney explains the MultiPlane Camera, designed to create 3D from 2D. Probably the most advanced tool ever made in the field of animation before the computer arrived.


95%VideoJul 2011

A Bit of Fry and Laurie - It's a Soaraway Life

(5:34) From 1995, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie spoof 'It's a Wonderful Life' and imagine a world without Rupert Murdoch.

95%VideoAug 2011

Warren Buffett is a socialist, according to Fox News

Former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg agrees with Warren Buffett and argues the rich should pay more tax. But Fox News business anchor Neil Cavuto meekly disagrees. Young Turk Cenk Uygur also makes the important distinction between the rich, and the greedy rich.