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VideoMar 2020

Kyle Kulinski | US vet bashes Biden "my friends are dead because of you"

(9:23) Joe Biden came in for some heavy criticism for supporting the Iraq War.

VideoMar 2020

Rebel HQ | Joe Biden is not well

(5:50) As of today, March 22, Joe Biden has not been seen in public.


VideoOct 2008

Joe Biden capable of verbose discipline

Succinct answer during the Democratic Presidential debate


VideoMar 2020

The Rational National | Joe Biden makes facepalming return to live video

(13:27) After going missing for a week, Joe Biden reappears.


VideoApr 2020

Emma Vigeland | AOC rips into Biden's measly concessions to progressives

(5:57) Emma Vigeland discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's comments about Joe Biden in an interview with The New York Times.


VideoDec 2019

The Hill | Krystal Ball | Biden's new ad highlights everything wrong with Democrats

(9:00) Krystal Ball discusses what John Kerry's endorsement of Joe Biden says about Biden's campaign.


VideoDec 2019

The Damage Report | Joe Biden scores F- on climate change

(4:04) Sunrise graded Democratic candidates based on their climate plans.

VideoJan 2020

The Hill | Joe Biden's latest meltdown shows he stands no chance against Trump

(9:24) Is Joe Biden ready to fight a general election against Donald Trump?


VideoMar 2020

Jimmy Dore blasts Bernie's campaign strategy


Mar 2020

The Hill | Krystal Ball debunks Joe Biden's parade of lies

(11:46) Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Joe Biden's questionable relationship with the truth.