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94%VideoSep 2013

Joe Biden's advice for women on self defence

(2:10) Earlier this year, US Vice President Joe Biden gave women advice on self-defence.

94%VideoJul 2014

Kacy Catanzaro, first woman to complete American Ninja Warrior

(7:30) Kacy Catanzaro's riveting performance at the American Ninja Warrior Final in Dallas 2014.


94%VideoDec 2011

Can men and women be just friends?

Filmmakers Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero go to Utah State University library to find out if men and women can be just friends


94%PictureJul 2011

Once a beauty, always a beauty

How beauty queens age, Miss USA, today and when she was queen, side by side. Alyssa Campanella - Miss USA 2011.


94%VideoApr 2014

What boys look for in girls

(3:55) Everyone wants to be attractive, but what is attraction based on?

93%VideoMar 2011

Women in advertising

Nothing is perfect, not even women. From the fourth outing of documentary series Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women, Jean Kilbourne lays bare a pattern of damaging gender stereotypes - the images and messages that reinforce unrealistic and unhealthy perceptions of beauty, perfection and sexuality.


93%VideoSep 2009

Burka Blue

(3:52) Afghanistan's 1st girl group perform on German television.


93%VideoJan 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos vs Muslim women

(5:25) Controversial alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos brutally attacks Islam.


92%Oct 2006

How to make a woman happy


92%VideoJan 2014

Mike Huckabee on women controlling their libido

(0:57) Republican politician Mike Huckabee says something weird about libido and birth control.