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97%VideoJun 2011

Lowest flyby ever

(0:34) So low that had his landing gear been down, he would have landed!


96%VideoAug 2014

Ultra-low level Typhoon through the Mach Loop

(4:59) Filmed from the backseat of an RAF Typhoon flown by 2013 display pilot Jamie Norris on an ultra-low level sortie through the Mach Loop and the Lake District.


95%VideoOct 2011

Spherical flying machine developed by Japanese MoD

(2:45) World's first spherical flying machine that combines helicopter blades with wings for a truly versatile machine.


95%VideoSep 2012

Reaction Engines, a revolution in transportation as big as the jet engine

[TIME ]MD of Reaction Engines Ltd. Alan Bond talks about the heat exchanger testing programme for the SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine), a hypersonic engine that can operate in both air-breathing and rocket modes.


95%VideoFeb 2014

Bird strike from a pilot's perspective

(2:41) Terrifying moment a bird shatters a plane's windshield.


95%VideoJun 2015

Flying Kitty Adventure



95%VideoSep 2014

Flying over active volcano in Iceland

(2:51) Bardarbunga is Iceland's largest volcano. It has been rumbling to a worrying degree threatening to blow its top, as Eyjafjallajokull did in 2010.

95%VideoJan 2018

Flocking with birds

(4:09) Birds of feather flock together.

94%VideoJan 2012

Sean Kinkade Park Hawk ornithopter

(2:04) An ornithopter is a machine that flies like a bird, ie. it flaps its wings. This is an original Sean Kinkade Park Hawk ornithopter. It was hanging from the roof of a local hobby shop until Robert spotted it.


94%VideoJan 2012

High flyers over New York City

(2:38) Three human shaped RC planes fly over New York City, just for the fun of it.