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97%VideoMay 2014

Dancing Bat Brothers

(1:06) Performance that will turn your world upside down.

94%VideoOct 2011

Life is scary

Happy scary Halloween from BBC Earth!


88%VideoApr 2007

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Bat country

Drugs take hold mid desert

88%VideoSep 2010

Bat thinks it's a hummingbird

Bats are not birds. They fly more slowly but manoeuvre more effectively. Bats fly cheap, a hovering bat use 60% less energy than a hovering hummingbird. Notice their floppy back legs.


88%VideoOct 2011

The birds and the bees

Gorgeous high speed film of pollinators at work. Pollination is vital to life on Earth. It's how the other half of life, the plants, reproduce.

88%VideoJul 2013

Blossom the Bat

(2:12) From YT: "Blossom is a rare species of Australian bat who recently came into care following a suspected cat attack..."


88%VideoDec 2014

Baby bat burritos

(2:24) Baby flying foxes at the Australian Bat Clinic after they were separated them from their mothers during an extreme heat event.

87%VideoAug 2011

Bat on an plane

Inflight entertainment when a bat somehow got through security and onto a Delta Airlines flight. Question is, is the plane lighter when the bat is flying?


87%VideoMar 2013

True facts about the fruit bat

(2:47) Lesson on majestic and dirty megabats by Ze Frank.


87%VideoFeb 2015

Bat devours banana

(0:23) Batzilla the Bat gets stuck into a banana.