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91%VideoJul 2008

Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe - Russian Bar

Performance at the XXVI Circus Festival of Monte Carlo


88%VideoJun 2013

This is Shanghai

(2:23) In 1980 Shanghai had no skyscrapers. It now has at least 4,000 - more than twice as many as New York.

88%VideoFeb 2014

Insane Russians climb world's second tallest building!

(5:20) At 650m high, Shanghai Tower is the world's second tallest building after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


88%VideoOct 2016

The amazing TRON rollercoaster at Shanghai Disneyland

(4:04) Take a ride on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland, China.

87%VideoJul 2013

Riding the Shanghai Maglev Train at 267 mph

(4:57) TheShanghai Maglev Train is the world's fastest train in regular service.


87%VideoApr 2015

Strong winds give Shanghai window cleaners a fright

(1:00) Window cleaners interrupted by strong gusts while cleaning the 91st floor windows of the Shanghai World Financial Center.

87%VideoMay 2015

Walk in Shanghai

(3:08) Media artist JT Singh explores bustling backwards Shanghai.

87%VideoDec 2017

Working undercover in Chinese iPhone factory

(4:43) Dejian Zeng spent 12 hours a day attaching one screw to iPhones.


87%VideoApr 2018

Shanghai's moving arts and cultural centre

(1:19) Inspired by the open stages of traditional Chinese theatres,


87%VideoJun 2018

Anthony Bourdain: Shanghai makes NYC look like third world

(1:32) When American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain went to sample Shanghai in booming China.