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VideoFeb 2010

Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry on The Ten Commandments

Ann Widdecombe catches up with two staunch atheists Hitchens and Fry, to find out what they think of The Ten Commandments


VideoJul 2010

Stephen Fry argues Catholic Church is not a force for good

Actor, broadcaster and author Stephen Fry destroys the Catholic Church in an impassioned speech against the motion that the Catholic Church is a force for good. Part 1.


VideoMar 2011

Christopher Hitchens and the afterlife

As a dying non-believer, will Christopher Hitchens now reconsider his views on the afterlife? A polite question not taken too well. Excerpt from a debate with Sam Harris and Rabbis David Wolpe and Bradley Artson Shavit.


VideoOct 2010

Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party

In a debate expected to be dominated by New York governor candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party provided the fireworks. A poetic figure in American politics. October 18, 2010.


VideoAug 2006

Heated debate in Florida

Tampa politico Joe Redner in flying furniture outrage


SoundJan 2010

Billy Bragg sets up Facebook campaign against RBS bonuses

Singer and activist Billy Bragg speaks to Paddy O'Connell on Radio 2 about withholding his tax to protest the bonuses paid at state owned Royal Bank of Scotland. Heather McGregor weighs in to defend the bankers. If you want to threaten to withdraw your income tax, find out how here.


VideoJan 2012

Wikipedia vs Copyright Alliance over SOPA

(18:59) Cofounder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, discusses SOPA with Sandra Aistars, Executive Director of the Copyright Alliance, whose members include the Motion Picture Association of America, NBC, Universal, Time Warner, Viacom, ASCAP and BMI.


VideoMar 2008

Tenth planet debate

A stunning discovery at the far reaches of our solar system raises questions about what makes a planet a planet


VideoJun 2010

Legalise drugs, all of them, no exceptions

Cristina Rad argues for legalising all drugs. Look at Portugal, who in 2001 decriminalised all drugs. Empirical evidence suggests it's a resounding success according to recent research on the experiment.


VideoAug 2011

Do we have the right to offend?

(16:31) Atheist Richard Dawkins, conservative author Douglas Murray and many others discuss freedom of speech, or perhaps more accurately, the right to offend.