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VideoOct 2010

The conflict between religion and science

Jesus was born of a virgin. Which scientific laws does that break? A point well made by American neuroscientist and author Sam Harris, speaking at La Ciudad de las Ideas 2009 Re-Evolution festival.


VideoOct 2008

McCain/Obama post debate handshake

Barack Obama reaches out to shake John McCain's hand after the 2nd presidential debate, but is rebuffed and redirected to Cindy's instead.


VideoMar 2011

The Atheist Experience special with Ray Comfort

(58:33) Matt Dillahunty and Russell Glasser from The Atheist Experience, lock horns with Christian evangelist Ray Comfort, probably best known (and ridiculed) for his claim that the banana was so well designed it could only have been the work of god. I look forward to the day he figures out the pineapple.


VideoAug 2011

The Atheist Experience - The standards God judges you by

(10:56) What is the difference between God and a Mafia boss? Matt Dillahunty from The Atheist Experience gets worked up over John's suggestion that God has a right to break his legs.


VideoJan 2011

Mike from Austin calls the Atheist Experience

Tracie Harris keeps a caller on track in a discussion that spans the full gamut of his knowledge. The Atheist Experience is a weekly not-for-profit cable access TV show in Austin, Texas geared at an atheist and non-atheist audience.


VideoSep 2010

Islam and science

Thunderf00t argues that Islam is detrimental to modern civilisation because of anti-science tendencies.


VideoJul 2007

Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl - Debate '08

Pillow fights and dance offs

VideoMar 2011

Hitchens, Hitler and Humanism

Christopher Hitchens (author of 'God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything') and Frank Turek (author of 'I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist') debated god's existence at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. This gem of a snippet happens when Turek introduces Hitler into the argument.


VideoFeb 2008

Iraqi TV debate - Is the Earth flat?

Iraqi 'researcher on astronomy' and a physicist discuss this important question


VideoAug 2009

Two angry professors in passionate debate

How to get your point across, by Professors Brinkley and Shanahan. A must-view for all students studying rhetoric and debate.