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VideoJun 2010

Tornado destroys MetraPark

Caught red-handed. Couple witness a tornado ripping the roof off the Rimrock Auto Arena, Montana.


VideoSep 2012

Ducks cross Toronto highway

(1:18) Heart-stopping drama plays out on a Toronto highway when mother duck and her ducklings attempt to cross four lanes of traffic.

VideoJun 2010

Grizzly bear charge

Raw footage. No animals were harmed in the making of this video, but a human bearly escaped death. CBC filmmaker avoided a grizzly attack while filming in Robson Valley southeast of Prince George. http://tiny.cc/ej0ek


VideoJul 2010

It's a tornado

Tornado forms over Billings Montana, right in front of heavily panting resident Lorena Robot


VideoSep 2010

Haunting gun camera footage, Japan 1945

Recently declassified raw footage from WW2 Pacific War. Musical soundtrack added in 2010 by Romano-Archives. Partly used in the propaganda film The Last Bomb (1945).


VideoJul 2010

Live baby octopus

Rare find, tiny octopus fascinates a bunch of kids


VideoApr 2010

Massive oil tank explosion filmed from 2 km away

Shockwave hits camera man moments after the explosion. Goes to show that light moves much faster than sound. Footage is thought to be of an arms depot fire in Ulyanovsk, Russia 2009.


VideoMay 2010

Landslide in southern Italy 2010

After bad weather, the earth moved in mysterious ways down a not-too-steep slope in Viba Valentia, Italy


VideoApr 2010

Thieving octopus steals camera

While videotaping a wild octopus, it suddenly dashed forward grabbing the camera. It swam off, all while the camera was still recording!


VideoMay 2010

Power to the Chinese people

A crowd comes to the rescue of a woman distressed by purse-snatchers on a motorbike. United we are stronger.