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97%VideoNov 2012

Racist Aussies abuse a French girl on a bus

(2:39) From uploader: "Don't fuel the hate with more hate, just want these guys to feel embarrassed."


96%VideoOct 2011

Rottweiler rescues chihuahua from coyote

(0:26) Thank dog for that! A meaty rottweiler comes to the aid of his little chihuahua friend.


95%VideoMay 2011

Space shuttle Endeavour's final launch, view from passing plane

(4:27) Taking his cue from the live Fox News broadcast of Endeavour's launch, a passenger onboard a passing JetBlue flight filmed the shuttle piercing through the clouds heading to heaven.


94%VideoMay 2013

Ice tsunami at Izatys Resort

(6:53) Ice creeps up from Mille Lacs Lake at Izatys Resort (golf & yacht club) in Minnesota.


94%VideoAug 2012

Elephant crashes pool party

(1:15) An elephant pops in for a drink. Uninvited, but hey. From YT "...this wasn't zoomed it, this was actual distance".


94%VideoNov 2012

Intercepting rocket attack on the Israeli city of Beersheba

(1:35) 15 November 2012: Iron Dome missiles intercept incoming Grad rockets launched by Hamas.


94%VideoMar 2012

Firemen fighting fire in drag

(0:45) What a drag! A pickup truck burst into flames, but fortunately a nearby fire crew were on hand, albeit in party mood while on the way to a fireman's ball.

94%VideoApr 2012

Eagle goes swimming

(2:04) A bald eagle of multi-talents finds a different way to get his prey.


94%VideoAug 2012

NASA control room during Curiosity's touchdown on Mars

(7:48) The rover has landed. Tense minutes at mission control as Curiosity descends to the surface of Mars.

94%VideoApr 2013

Exxon pipeline ruptures in Arkansas, USA

(0:33) 29 March 2013: 84,000 gallons of Canadian crude oil spilled into Mayflower in Arkansas, USA.