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VideoMar 2009

Sleep running pooch

Bizkit the dog takes the biscuit with his full throttle chase during the stage of rapid eye movment (REM)


VideoJun 2012

Ascending Aggies wins design competition with superhero wall scaler

(1:02) Engineering students at Utah State University demonstrated their vacuum powered device for scaling walls.


VideoNov 2008

Billy goat on a near vertical wall

Fearless animal goes for a wander


VideoNov 2008

Leandro Erlich - Niigata`s house project

Defying gravity with a large mirror


VideoJan 2009

The West Bank Barrier, aka Israel's apartheid wall

Crude, vindictive and petty


VideoJun 2009

Phil Lumbang's friendly, polite bears on LA walls

Local artist and graphic designer who works for Obey Giant, paints his largest mural yet, and the first he's done in colour, on an exterior wall in Silver Lake.


PictureOct 2009

Car crashes into a high wall


VideoJan 2010

Transparent walls could reduce road accidents

Two camera system sees round corners


VideoFeb 2020

NowThis | Winds blow down section of Trump's border wall

(6:19) Strong gusts of wind knocked over new sections of Trump's border wall into Mexico.

VideoApr 2009

Gecko Girl scales new heights at UCOP

From Prototype This!, a Discovery Channel program that gives viewers a first hand account of the invention process.