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88%VideoApr 2014

Samsung phone goes down fighting



88%VideoMay 2014

Tupelo tornado ransacks a playground

(5:12) April 28, 2014: Well secured security camera captures the destruction of a playground in Tupelo, Mississippi, when an EF3 tornado ripped through the town.


88%VideoAug 2014

Drone surveys Napa quake damage

(6:51) August 24, 2014. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Napa in California.


88%VideoSep 2014

Dash cam shows what it's like to be hit by a tornado

(1:01) Incredible footage captured by a car dash cam inside a tornado that hit a village in Russia.


88%AnimationMar 2015

Wake Up Call

(5:57) Hidden beneath sleek, space-age screens and shining metal, the true cost of our gadgets lurks unseen.

88%VideoApr 2015

Driest desert in South America ravaged by deadly floods

(1:55) Climate change is rearing its ugly head as abnormal rainfall in the Atacama region in Chile, one of the driest places on Earth, causes the Copiapo River to break its banks.


88%VideoAug 2015

Massive explosions rock Chinese city - The aftermath

(1:37) Drone footage reveals the destruction after massive explosions hit Tianjin in China.


88%VideoAug 2015

Caterpillar D11 vs Pontiac Firefly

(1:48) Gratuitous destruction of a Pontiac FireFly at the end of its life.


88%VideoSep 2015

Volvo 850 extreme crash test

(4:17) Do Volvos deserve their reputation of being "built like a tank"?


88%VideoJan 2016

Coastal erosion leaves California apartments on brink of collapse

(6:20) Apartments with commanding sea views at Pacifica, just outside of San Francisco, will soon collapse into the ocean.