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94%VideoApr 2015

Hot hell in Siberia

(1:59) April 13, 2015: Wildfires breakout near Chita in Russia's southern Siberia.

94%VideoMay 2015

Siberian gale flips a roof

(0:44) Dash cam catches brutal act of nature in Siberian city of Chita.


89%VideoNov 2008

Siberian throat singing

The sound of gargling elevated to an art form


87%VideoJul 2014

Scientists baffled by gigantic hole in Siberia

(3:05) Aerial images show a mysterious hole 262 feet wide that has appeared in the Yamal Peninsula of gas-rich Siberia.


87%VideoJul 2016

Underground methane bubbles in Siberia

(0:32) Scientists discover bubbles of methane just below the surface on Belyy Island, Siberia.


86%VideoAug 2009

Vladimir Putin, Russian bare-chested

In his latest adventure, the Russian PM rides a horse shirtless, through the mountainous Southern Siberian region


86%VideoDec 2013

Car crosses river on zip line

(1:19) How to cross the raging Chuya River in Siberia with a regular car.


86%VideoNov 2014

Passengers push frozen plane to runway

(0:50) When temperatures in Igarka, Siberia dropped to -52C, passengers on a UTair flight helped push the frozen Tupolev Tu-134 plane to the runway.

81%VideoSep 2009

CCTV captures accident at Russian hydro-power plant

Surveillance footage shows the panic after an explosion at Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Station in Siberia, August 17, 2009


72%VideoJan 2012

Bugotak - Come Together

(4:08) Siberian throat-singing band Bugotak cover the Fab Four's fabulous 'Come Together'. Bet you've seen nor heard nothing like this before.