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96%VideoJul 2015

Wheelchair decoy in Vancouver

(3:04) Police officer Mark Horsley went undercover in Vancouver's poorest district, Downtown Eastside after 2 knife-point robberies of victims on wheelchairs.


94%VideoAug 2011

Women defend their car from Vancouver rioters

After Vancouver Canucks lost against Boston Bruins, three girls try to protect their BMW from rioting ice-hockey fans


88%VideoJun 2010

Demolition in Vancouver

Former drama centre ends its life in a double-drama, courtesy of demolition cowboys


88%VideoNov 2013

Extreme rollerblader hits Vancouver

(2:23) Pro-blader Richie Eisler shows off his own line of skates in a promotional video of himself careening around Vancouver, Canada.


87%VideoSep 2010

Optical illusion slows drivers

Ingeniously simple and effective approach to road safety in Canada. But is it a good idea?


87%VideoAug 2014

Vancouver takes street cleaning very seriously

(1:02) Vancouver made spotless.


86%VideoJun 2011

Vancouver's living roof

The roof of the Vancouver BC Convention Centre is covered with 2.5 hectares (6 acres) of native grassland, the habitat of the Vancouver area, encouraging local wildlife to return

86%VideoJun 2017

Sea level rise threatens Vancouver

(7:04) Projection of sea level rise are becoming increasingly alarming.

85%VideoJun 2008

Hippies overrun Vancouver (1967)

Psychedelic flashback to a summer of love


85%VideoFeb 2010

Shane Koyczan - We Are More

Slam poet Shane Koyczan delivers his poem 'We Are More'. Commissioned by the Canadian Tourism Commission.