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89%VideoSep 2009

Split Tongue Hot Vampire Chick

Two tongues to match two vampire teeth


88%VideoOct 2017

Action Movie Kid - Pain in the Neck

(0:58) James came home with quite a nasty bite - but Dad's got it covered.

87%VideoFeb 2010

Vampire Squid from the dark of the abyss

Vampyroteuthis infernalis captured in HD in the deep seas off Japan. National Geographic investigates this strange animal that turns itself inside out as a way to protect itself, among other equally strange habits.


74%VideoAug 2005

Cruel Intentions - Buffy's lesbian kiss

A beautiful moment for The Vampire Slayer


FEATURED Fox 67%VideoOct 2010

Vampires Suck - In Cinemas October 15

The ultimate vampire parody flies into cinemas October 15. Let the Twi-Bashing commence.


62%VideoJul 2010

Biggest Eclipse fan can't wait to watch new Eclipse clip

YouTube user NuttyMadam loves the new Eclipse clip, but she does have one question...


FEATURED 20th Century Fox 61%VideoApr 2006

Night Watch remix

Vampires beat crap out of each other

32%AnimationJan 2006

Buffy, aka Sarah Michelle Gurner

Eminent vampire slayer