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97%VideoSep 2012

Luckiest trucker in Russia, or anywhere!

(0:54) Incredibly, no one was hurt.


97%VideoAug 2015

Bear joins an angler

(1:25) A wild Alaskan brown bear joins a man fishing on the riverbank.


96%VideoFeb 2012

Russian crossroad close call

(0:10) The backstory: In the city of Blagoveshchensk in southern Russia, a kid had been waiting for his girlfriend for about 10 minutes, before this happened.


96%VideoAug 2015

Blue whale's impeccable timing

(1:37) Zoologist Mark Carwardine explains why whale spotting can be difficult.

96%VideoOct 2011

Voodoo cop from Belarus

(1:01) Vodka and seat belts, one should not replace the other.


94%VideoNov 2012

Quick-thinking driver faced with a runaway crane!

(0:42) Sometimes going backwards is the best choice.


94%VideoJul 2013

Close call with hungry humpbacks

(1:17) Two divers almost swallowed by hungry humpback whales off the coast of California.


94%VideoJun 2014

Close call with a great white shark in Sydney harbour

(1:39) Holy shit!


94%VideoJan 2015

Close call on the New Jersey Turnpike

(0:59) "I was blocked by two trucks on south bound I-95. I only wanted to take a picture while I was waiting for them to clear up. And then I heard noise from behind..."


94%VideoJul 2015

Terrifying real life Jaws attack, South Africa

(1:07) "While shark cage diving, our cage was attacked by an 11.5 foot Great White shark ..."