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VideoMar 2005

Lucky basketball shot

Last moment fluke saves match

VideoOct 2005

Fluke goals

The lucky side of football

VideoSep 2012

Ducks cross Toronto highway

(1:18) Heart-stopping drama plays out on a Toronto highway when mother duck and her ducklings attempt to cross four lanes of traffic.

VideoAug 2014

Motorcyclist's extraordinary crash at highway speeds

(0:35) Movie style accident so perfect it's almost worth the reckless driving that preceded it.


VideoJul 2003

Airshow disaster!

VideoJan 2006

Deer hunter

Third time lucky

VideoApr 2011

Unexpected accident

Driver Wendy Cobb stood no chance. Fortunately no one was hurt during the filming of this incident.


VideoJul 2008

Lucky man survives cafe crash

Loyal customer since the doors opened and even when the walls came tumbling down gets free cup of coffee


VideoAug 2009

Novikov's flippin' hump jump

In-car view of Russia's Evgeny Novikov's crazy jumping performance with his yellow Citroen C4. Special stage Leustu, WRC Rally Finland 2009. Nominated by SmokeyBazooka


VideoMay 2012

Carrier landing abort

(0:17) Russian SU-27 aborts right at the very last possible moment.