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PictureApr 2010

There... I fixed it! #2

DIY at its best


VideoMay 2017

The wild world of crappy design

(10:34) Youtubers Ethan and Hila pick out their favourite crappy designs.

VideoApr 2019

15 strict rules Elon Musk follows to become rich

(11:35) Elon Musk is no regular CEO.


VideoJun 2010

The Art of Defense

Compilation of the dangerous yet beautiful art of defending, to the soundtrack of Tiesto's pounding Urban Train (Cosmic Gate remix)


VideoNov 2011

People are awesome - 2011

The best of crazy. Forget movie stunts, these are the real thing.


VideoJan 2012

Top 100 goals of 2011

(16:54) Compilations of 100 goals from the world's most popular sport in 2011.

VideoApr 2012

Women fail compilation 2012

(8:07) Women fail differently from men. They fall over a lot, often spontaneously.


VideoMay 2020

The Daily Show | Fox News: Creepy Trump is not fit to be president


VideoJan 2013

Second Amendment Rights gone wrong

(2:43) Simple video containing possibly the most powerful argument for total gun control.


VideoSep 2020

Some dads have lightning fast reflexes

(6:34) Dads with lightning fast reflexes compilation.