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95%VideoMay 2014

John Oliver - Death Penalty

(12:24) British comedian in America John Oliver discusses the death penalty.

95%VideoJan 2013

William Shatner: "Thank God for guns"

(1:01) Concealed carry in action, according to Hollywood.


95%VideoJul 2016

Can Bob Mortimer really break an apple in half with his bare hands?

(4:46) Bob Mortimer claims an extraordinary party trick. But is it true?


95%VideoMay 2009

Tory MP Alan Duncan threatens Miss California's life

(1:30) Wishful thinking by a prominent member of the British House of Commons on the BBC hit show Have I Got News For You.


95%VideoJul 2012

Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Improbable Mission

(3:15) Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles accept an improbable mission to a central American country.

95%VideoFeb 2013

Speed painter takes the stage on 'Anderson's Viewers Got Talent'

(3:08) Master speed painter D. Westry shows what he can do in a minute and a half.


94%VideoJun 2012

The Atheist Experience explain the most basic of science

(4:31) Sometimes there's just no getting through. Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples of The Atheist Experience take a call from Chris in Austin, Texas, who has trouble in understanding how science works.


94%VideoAug 2012

Mock The Week - Hilarious David Blunkett outtake

(3:11) On Mock The Week, the panel of comedians were asked to refrain from making blind jokes about David Blunkett.


94%VideoSep 2009

Erection Steve on Xtra Factor 29/08/2009

Contestant gets excited in front of judges


94%VideoMay 2011

Brian Cox on Jonathan Ross

(19:07) Highly entertaining and informative interview with Professor Brian Cox.