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97%SoundMay 2014

Are those Reebok or Nike?

(1:20) A listener to a radio show in the Dominican Republic requests a well known song with the words: "Is this Reebok or Nike?"

96%VideoDec 2013

Teenage Elvis impersonator performs 'Blue Christmas'

(2:25) David Thibault sings to gobsmacked radio station staff at CKOI in Quebec.

96%VideoJun 2014

Ricky Gervais solves gun control

(0:49) Opie and Anthony - Ricky Gervais takes questions on world problems. This is his simple solution to gun control.


96%VideoMar 2018

James O'Brien interview with Tory grandee Lord Patten

(3:34) Conservative politician and last governor of Hong Kong Lord Patten describes Brexit border claims as "hogwash".

96%VideoJun 2014

Ricky Gervais talks religion on Opie and Anthony

(15:24) Great insights into religion, including "Jesus is like an unpaid babysitter".


95%SoundOct 2012

Please move the deer crossings!

(3:52) From the nation that got us to Mars. After three accidents involving deer, a woman calls a radio station to complain about the positioning of deer crossings.


94%VideoJun 2012

The Atheist Experience explain the most basic of science

(4:31) Sometimes there's just no getting through. Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples of The Atheist Experience take a call from Chris in Austin, Texas, who has trouble in understanding how science works.


94%VideoAug 2011

2CELLOS smell like teen spirits

(2:54) Croatian cello duo 2CELLOS's spirited cover of Nirvana's anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.


94%VideoOct 2012

Creationist stumped by logic

(0:38) Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Experience plays his trump card, logic.


94%VideoDec 2015

Old school sound effects from 1938

(9:15) Behind the scenes in a 1930s production studio, creating sound effects for radio drama "Back of the Mike".