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91%VideoMar 2008

Hillary Clinton's 1996 Bosnia trip exposed

CBS News exposes the real story about the first lady's visit exposing some blatant lies


87%VideoMay 2014

Balkan city floods in minutes

(6:07) Bosnian city of Doboj floods within five minutes in some of the worst flooding the region has ever seen.

87%VideoApr 2008

Bosnia and Back Again, starring Sen. Hillary Clinton

Latest production from The Jed Report, the story of the presidential campaign in which the senator plays herself


87%SoundMar 2008

Pilot for Hillary Clinton's Bosnian trip remembers

Radio interview with Rusty Humphries, the pilot who flew Hillary into Tuzla, Bosnia


86%VideoSep 2010

Bosnian Rambo, born for action!

Nedzad Klicic is the Balkans answer to Rambo. Category: Military, Weapons and Explosions!


86%VideoMay 2012

Trip to Sarajevo, winter 2011/12

(7:04) 1992 - 1996, Sarajevo was a battlefield in the Bosnian War, the most destructive conflict in Europe since the World War II. Today it is an excellent ski trip destination.

84%VideoMar 2008

Hillary vindicated! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered

Barely Political have unearthed new footage of Hillary Clinton's visit to Bosnia in 1996 proving that she was actually telling the truth


78%VideoApr 2008

Hillary Clinton's new video game - 3AM Call of Duty

Fearless presidential candidate honoured by the game industry after her tour of duty in Bosnia