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96%VideoSep 2015

Weather man nails Britain's longest name, Llanfairpw...

(0:19) Channel 4 weatherman Liam Dutton pronounces Britain's longest name with ease.


94%VideoMar 2013

Welsh farmer rescues his sheep buried under snow

(1:27) Farmer Gareth Wyn Jones from Llanfairfechan in Wales finds some of his sheep still alive after being buried under deep snow for three days.


94%VideoAug 2015

Newport transporter bridge, the weirdest bridge in Wales

(2:20) There are only a few transporter bridges still working in the world. What are they for?


93%VideoJan 2013

Elvis in the depot

(2:23) Elvis impersonator helps out the Welsh council of Torfaen as the snow flies.


93%VideoOct 2011

Champion vegetable grower meets Snoop Dogg

Ian Neale, whose claim to fame is growing the world's biggest swede, is called upon to review Snoop Dogg's own home grown. Respect to Snoop for seeking expert advice.


93%VideoMar 2014

Ride of a lifetime with RAF Typhoon pilot

(5:59) Thrills of flying backseat in the RAF's Typhoon jet fighter on a low level mission over stunning scenery of the Lake District and the Welsh valleys.

88%VideoNov 2008

Extreme kayaking in Wales

Kamikaze canoes hit 45mph at Llyn Brianne reservoir in search of adrenaline highs.


87%VideoJan 2017

Vision for a tidal lagoon at Swansea Bay

(5:46) The £1.3 billion Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon has just got the go-ahead.


87%VideoMay 2017

What it's like to ride the world's fastest zip line

(2:14) One for your bucket list.

86%VideoAug 2010

Wales pioneers tyres-to-oil technology (2007)

Burning rubber in Wales. They may still be looking for investment if you have a couple of million spare.