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98%VideoDec 2011

Brian Cox demonstrates why atoms are empty

(6:27) Particle physicist Brian Cox gives a science lesson to celebrities with some helping wrist-action from comedian Simon Pegg and physicist Jim Al-Khalili.


98%VideoJul 2012

Fact: Bank bailouts cost more than UK science since Jesus!

(0:41) Professor Brian Cox makes a thought-provoking point - that the bank bailouts in one year cost more than Britain spent on science since Jesus.


98%VideoSep 2014

Brian Cox explains quantum mechanics in 60 seconds

(1:25) British physicist Brian Cox is challenged to explain the rules of quantum mechanics in just one minute.

97%VideoOct 2012

Brian Cox: We live in a society that is entirely based on science

(17:48) Professor Brian Cox attacks bad science and criticises the lack of funding for the critically important STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

95%VideoMay 2011

Wonders of the Stoner System

(2:09) Professor Brian Cox mashed up. If you thought he left the world of D:Ream and pop behind in the nineties, then think again.


94%VideoMay 2011

Brian Cox on Jonathan Ross

(19:07) Highly entertaining and informative interview with Professor Brian Cox.

94%VideoJan 2014

Brian Cox discusses the end of the world with Jimmy Carr

(11:18) Astrophysicist Brian Cox tells us what we should REALLY be worried about.


94%VideoAug 2016

Brian Cox and Malcolm Roberts clash over climate change

(19:40) Climate clash between physicist Brian Cox and Australian politician and climate change denier Malcolm Roberts.


94%VideoAug 2013

Brian Cox on faking the moon landings

(2:07) Flustered and not his usual articulate self, particle physicist Brian Cox has a problem with moon landing deniers.


94%VideoMar 2018

Timelapse of the entire universe

(10:49) 13.8 billion years compressed into 10 minutes. This video shows just how young we truly are, and just how ancient and vast is our universe.