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93%VideoJun 2014

Family Nissan Maxima vs Porsche Turbo

(1:06) Mexican man pilots his family Nissan Maxima to victory over the yellow Porsche Turbo.


91%VideoNov 2011

Double Corvette drag racing fail

Two Corvette drivers damage their egos even more than their cars.


89%VideoAug 2008

Station wagon enters a drag race

Town and Country burns some rubber


89%VideoDec 2008

Drag race claims two casualties

The pitfalls of racing or even just being a spectator


89%VideoJun 2011

Dragster fail

Even in the shortest of straight line racing, there is no room for slackness when preparing a dragster


88%VideoJan 2009

KillaCycle - Electric drag bike sets new world record

Scotty Pollacheck made drag racing history at Bandimere Speedway October 23rd, 2008 with the world's quickest electric vehicle of any kind


88%VideoFeb 2009

Cameraman frozen in the thick of a drag race crash

Racer slams into the barrier wall and breaks into pieces around him but leaving him without a scratch


88%VideoOct 2015

Tesla Model S v Holden V8 Supercar v Walkinshaw HSV GTS

(6:08) The Tesla Model S is the world's fastest 4-door sedan. But how will it perform against some serious Australian fossil-fuelled muscle?

87%VideoJul 2011

Dragsters under strain in mega-slow motion

MegaMo is a very fast 1,000 frames per second camera, fast enough to witness tyres deforming and individual cylinders firing

87%VideoAug 2013

Jet-powered semi spits fire like a dragon!

(1:28) Fire-breathing jet-powered truck warms up before shooting down the dragstrip at 210 mph!