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VideoMar 2014

Young Doug Stanhope in 1995

(14:07) From "California Roll" featuring new comedians at Maplewood Community Center in Minnesota.

VideoAug 2003

Young Vin Diesel: break dancing lesson

VideoNov 2010

Asher Bradshaw, 6-year-old skateboarder at Venice Beach, LA

He can hardly talk, but boy can he skate. His missing teeth are lost baby teeth, rather than faceplanting, at least that's what he claims.

VideoMay 2010

This 13-year-old girl drummer kicks ass!

Senri Kawaguchi (13) drums along to Go! Go! Maniac, the opening theme to Japanese comic strip manga K-On!


PictureFeb 2010

Young celebrities (1 of 2)

They seem like such sweet innocents, the sort of people you wouldn't mind your daughter hanging around with. Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.


VideoMay 2012

Video Essay: "And introducing..."

(3:36) Famous faces in their film debuts.

VideoSep 2010

Steven Seagal defends against multiple attackers

A young Steven Seagal trains in Aikido, a Japanese martial art without strikes, but uses the opponent's momentum against him. Here he performs the Randori, dealing with multiple attackers.


VideoMar 2011

Ping pong training in China

Starting early and well on their way to the top. Hard to imagine who's going to challenge them in later years.


VideoMar 2012

Laika from Omuta, Japan

(2:21) Young lady called Laika dances at 'Get Lady', a ladies only dance contest.


VideoJan 2016

Aspirations of 18-year-old Ted Cruz

(0:47) In 1988, high school senior Ted Cruz reflected on his life's ambitions.