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94%VideoOct 2015

Action Movie Kid - It's alive!

(1:19) Happy Halloween from AMK.

93%VideoSep 2015

Action Movie Kid - James vs Shark

(1:33) Action Movie Kid is back, this time battling the living room shark.

88%VideoOct 2017

Action Movie Kid - Pain in the Neck

(0:58) James came home with quite a nasty bite - but Dad's got it covered.

87%VideoFeb 2010

Bill Wyman's metal detector

Swede Mason helps Bill sell his metal detector. Download the tune at for nowt if you want.

86%VideoNov 2015

Action Movie Kid's Happy Thanksgiving

(0:23) James learns to carve his first turkey.

77%VideoFeb 2010

Gimme back my son, gimme the money!

Mel Gibson's mashed-up dilemma, by Swede Mason


76%VideoJun 2016

How to draw a UFO