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VideoApr 2008

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to JFK

'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' was a short song sung at a celebration for JFK's forty-fifth bash on May 19th, 1962


PictureFeb 2010

Young celebrities (1 of 2)

They seem like such sweet innocents, the sort of people you wouldn't mind your daughter hanging around with. Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.


VideoDec 2009

Mellow Marilyn Monroe

Home movie showing a relaxed Marilyn Monroe apparently smoking marijuana. The reel-to-reel silent, color film taken at a private home in New Jersey was recently purchased by collector Keya Morgan for $275,000 from the person who took the film, who has asked to remain anonymous.


AnimationMay 2007

Women in film

80 years of female portraits in cinema


PictureMar 2010

Celebrities - Rare photos #2

Pictures you have probably not seen before - Elizabeth Taylor


VideoJan 2007

Some Like It Hot (1959) - Tango scene

Hot little firecracker Jack Lemmon is leading again. Meanwhile Tony Curtis gets it together with Marilyn Monroe.

VideoAug 2012

Insignificance (1985) | Marilyn Monroe explains relativity to Albert Einstein

(8:44) Scene from Nicolas Roeg's 1985 movie 'Insignificance' with Michael Emil as the professor and Theresa Russell as Marilyn Monroe.

PictureJun 2008

Celebs when they were kids

Arnold Schwarzenegger


PictureApr 2009

How they would have aged

Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee and Adolf Hitler


VideoOct 2010

Tony Curtis: Necking with Marilyn Monroe is like kissing Hitler

Marilyn Monroe gives her side to Tony Curtis' remark that kissing her was like kissing Hitler. Taken from Marilyn Monroe's last interview in 1962.