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94%AnimationNov 2015

Alligator gets out of hand

(1:33) An alligator drawing comes to life.

90%VideoJul 2012

NettleBox 2 virtual reality surface

(1:35) Russian technology company Nettle demonstrate their NettleBox 2 holographic surface with optical position tracking at 300 fps.

89%VideoNov 2005

Augmented reality

Technology blends real and virtual

89%VideoJun 2018

Tornado hits The Weather Channel

(7:45) American meteorologist Jim Cantore battles the elements as a storm hits The Weather Channel.


89%VideoJun 2012

Google Glass live demo at Google IO 2012, San Francisco

(7:34) Google's augmented reality glasses are designed to let wearers use apps, capture images and video, use the internet and social networks while on the move.


88%VideoSep 2009

Deep Green & Augmented Reality Pool

The RCVLab at Queen's University demonstrates Deep Green, a pool playing robot, and ARPool, an augmented reality system for teaching the science of pool


88%VideoFeb 2010

Augmented Hyper Reality

Architecture student's vision of an augmented future

88%VideoNov 2012

The future of augmented reality

(3:26) Articulated Naturality Web (ANW) is a possible future with mobile augmented reality and computer vision at the tips of our fingers. Amazing or information overload?


88%VideoNov 2013

castAR Kickstarter project

(4:55) Game changing technology.

88%VideoApr 2014

Land Rover's transparent bonnet

() Land Rover reveals its transparent bonnet virtual imaging concept.