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94%VideoApr 2015

Stewart Lee apologises to a heckler

(3:58) A heckler shouted something about someone dying of cancer and howe the show was not funny.

92%VideoJul 2010

Comic comeback with impeccable timing

Funny heckle is bettered


90%VideoNov 2008

Aussie comedian Brendon Burns vs. heckler

Humourless participant in the audience. That told her!


88%VideoMar 2014

Obama disarms heckler over nuclear war with Russia

(1:44) What the heck are you talking about?

87%VideoAug 2010

Louis CK vs a heckler

Staged heckling by actress Megan Hilty. Real would have been better, but this is still funny.


87%VideoMay 2013

Obama heckled over closure of Guantanamo Bay

(1:50) President Obama goes off script when a woman heckles him over his failure to close Guantanamo.


86%VideoJun 2012

Man calls JP Morgan CEO a crook who needs to go to jail

(1:40) Angry protester calls JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, a crook to his face at a Senate Banking Committee hearing.


84%VideoApr 2011

Jimmy Carr vs Hecklers

(11:28) Quick-thinking Jimmy Carr doing what he does best, dealing with hecklers


84%VideoJun 2012

Obama interrupted during immigration speech

(1:07) President Obama being assertive when a heckler calls out mid-speech.


72%VideoMar 2016

Comedian vs special parent

(3:26) American comedian Steve Hofstetter is heckled when he compares parents with pizza.