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VideoApr 2020

A Different Bias | Germany sends UK 60 ventilators free of charge

(7:14) Paost Brexit, is Britain better off going it alone?

VideoMay 2020

A Different Bias | Farage defends his pointless trip to the beach


VideoSep 2010

Rick Steves with some interesting thoughts on the European Union

America's leading authority on European travel, Rick Steves, talks about the EU's greatest achievement - peace


VideoMar 2019

Is there a link between Brexit and tax avoidance?

(11:37) Discussing the possible reason why some wealthy individuals might want a no deal Brexit.

VideoDec 2018

Why going to WTO rules will be a disaster for the UK

(26:33) Graham Hughes from #3Blokes In A Pub, explains why going to WTO rules would be an absolute disaster for the United Kingdom.


VideoFeb 2016

EU trade policy explained

(3:40) EU trade policy shapes the legal, economic and political environment so that businesses can do business better.


VideoJan 2020

GMB | Is Britain finished?



VideoJun 2016

Samantha Bee - Oh shit, Brexit

(6:57) Xenophobes of Great Britain got their way. Could that happen in America?


VideoSep 2018

Buckle up, WTO rules explained

(13:36) The rules and principles that guide the UK's global trade relationships after leaving the EU.

VideoOct 2018

Alastair Campbell: Own your shit, Nigel

(2:10) Alastair Campbell speaks his mind during a Brexit discussion on Irish TV.