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87%VideoFeb 2016

EU trade policy explained

(3:40) EU trade policy shapes the legal, economic and political environment so that businesses can do business better.


87%VideoMar 2016

Donald Trump thinks Britain will leave EU

(5:33) In an interview with Piers Morgan, Republican front-runner Donald Trump said he thinks the UK will separate from the EU.

87%VideoApr 2016

Obama warns UK would be 'back of the queue' if outside EU

(3:11) Barack Obama and David Cameron held a joint press conference in London. On the agenda was Britain's upcoming EU referendum.

87%VideoMay 2016

What might a post-Brexit EU renegotiation look like?

(8:43) If the UK votes to leave, our relationship with the EU will be renegotiated.


87%VideoJun 2016

Kyle Kulinski comments on Brexit

(14:03) Should the UK remain a member of the European Union? View point from progressive American liberal blogger.

87%VideoJun 2016

Cenk Uygur - Stunning news, UK leaves EU

(3:38) The revolution is afoot and it is worldwide.

87%VideoJun 2016

Democracy Now! - Making sense of Brexit

(14:16) English journalist Paul Mason comments on Britain's growing economic and political crisis.

87%VideoJul 2016

Brexit voters willing to swap EU market for immigration control

(6:26) Many who voted to leave the EU did so to stop more immigration. But are they prepared to pay the economic price of tarif-free access to the EU's single market?


87%VideoJul 2016

Could Brexit actually make the EU stronger?

(3:15) After Brexit, the EU could become a stronger but smaller union, or everything could unravel.

87%VideoJul 2016

The History of the European Union

(4:17) A brief history of the EU from the end of WW2 to the present day.