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VideoMar 2020

DDN | John McDonnell on the economics of coronavirus

(3:38) Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell discusses the coronavirus global crash, likely to become the biggest in history.

VideoMar 2020

A Different Bias | Leaked emails: Britain doesn't need farmers

(10:55) Brexit was always going to be devastating for the British farming and fishing industries, but leave supporters did not believe it.


AnimationApr 2011

The true cost of the Royal Family

£40 million goes to the Royal Family every year, courtesy of you and me via our taxes. In times of financial hardship and uncertainty, shouldn't we be spending that money elsewhere? C.P.G. Grey does the sums.


VideoNov 2010

Punk Patriot fixes the US economy

Inflation, deflation, or conflation? The Punk Patriot expounds on how to unfuck the world.


VideoNov 2011

The Story of Broke: Why there's plenty of money to build a better future

The US isn't broke, but its economy is. Tax, the people's money, is used to prop up a 'dinosaur' economy rather than to build a better future.

VideoFeb 2009

The Crisis of Credit (1 of 2)

The short and simple story visualised by Jonathan Jarvis

AnimationMar 2012

Punk Economics - Lesson 2

(9:03) Irish economist David McWilliams explains the European Central Bank's massive cash for trash scheme, bailing out banks with our money.


VideoOct 2008

Peter Schiff predicted the current credit crisis in 2006

Economic adviser to Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, foresaw in detail the current real estate/mortgage debacle before anyone else even realized it was coming.


VideoJan 2009

David Mitchell mocks wanker bankers

Saying it like it is


VideoFeb 2009

How much is one trillion dollars?

CNN asks a Temple University mathematics professor to put it into perspective