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97%VideoFeb 2012

Milton Friedman - Why drugs should be legalised

(7:56) Free market economist Milton Friedman puts forward a compelling case for the legalisation of drugs.


97%VideoJan 2013

Icelandic president: "Let banks go bankrupt"

(2:58) Iceland, a model of economic recovery?


97%VideoAug 2012

The Romney-Ryan economic plan

(2:55) Consequences of the Romney-Ryan economic plan and why it would be a disaster for America, according to political economist Robert Reich.


96%VideoFeb 2012

Milton Friedman - Questions concerning morality and capitalism

(8:33) American economist Milton Friedman in 1978, answers questions from students at Stanford University.


96%VideoAug 2011

Dylan Ratigan's rant about money and politics

(4:45) MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan passionately attacks corruption in congress and big business and calls on Obama to "get the money out of politics".


96%VideoJan 2013

Open Source Philosophy

(6:59) Building the next economy, an open source economy where people work collaboratively rather than competively as we do today.


96%VideoOct 2012

Ben Stein stuns Fox News with his views on tax cuts

(2:15) Conservative economist Ben Stein uses evidence to support his call for raising taxes on the very rich.


96%VideoMar 2016

"Gordon Gekko" endorses Bernie Sanders

(0:57) The character Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone's 1987 movie 'Wall Street' was based on former corporate raider Asher Edelman. The real Gekko was asked who he thought the best presidential candidate for the economy would be.

96%VideoJun 2017

Exposing economic myths in the 2017 UK election

(12:06) World-renowned economist Ann Pettifor explains how government can finance policies even though the country has a huge deficit.


95%VideoOct 2013

Robert Reich - Why are Americans so angry?

(3:42) American economist Robert Reich looks t why Americans are so bitterly divided.