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97%VideoJul 2013

TYT - How Goldman Sachs is robbing you of billions

(12:38) Unfortunately it's not just Goldman Sachs. Cenk Uygur explains some of the scams Goldman Sachs uses to make billions from you without giving anything back.


93%VideoMar 2018

Trump's tariffs explained

(3:06) Why is there such a division in the White House over trade?

90%VideoSep 2008

Re-using aluminium drinks cans for solar power heating

Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. invents a green solution to heating


88%VideoFeb 2010

Machine cuts helmet from solid aluminium block

The making of a very special 50th Anniversary helmet by Daishin Seiki Corporation

87%VideoJan 2013

CNC lathe gets to work on a chess rook

(4:05) Turning a rook chess piece out of 2.5" diameter aluminium bar stock.


87%VideoFeb 2018

Transparent aluminium, is it even possible?

(4:02) In Star Trek VI, transparent aluminium was invented in 2130. But today, it is already a reality.

87%VideoMar 2018

The Daily Show - Did Trump just start an international trade war?

68%VideoMay 2008

Laser beam meets thin aluminium

Slow motion video (600 frames per sec) of a laser beam puncturing it's target. Technical: 25kW average power, 10cm sq spot size, 200Hz pulse repetition rate, 100 m/sec air flow.