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96%VideoJan 2014

Dutch Marines storm cargo ship

(3:39) May 2010: Dutch Marines board a hijacked German cargo ship off the coast of Somalia.


96%VideoDec 2013

A marijuana arrest

(10:36) In 1992, there were 812 arrests for possessing a small amount of marijuana in NYC. In 2012, there were 39,230.


94%VideoJun 2011

Police arrest woman in her front yard for videotaping

Emily Good was arrested in her front yard while videotaping her friend being pulled over by Rochester police. She was charged with a criminal misdemeanour. Her case has not yet been heard but videotaping a police officer in public view is perfectly legal in New York state.


94%VideoOct 2014

Musician arrested for singing in NYC subway

(7:58) NYPD arrest a man for playing in the subway, even after the officer recites the law word for word that allows musicians to perform for donations.


94%VideoNov 2014

Arrested for feeding the homeless

(2:48) "At least four police cruisers and a half dozen uniformed cops were ready and waiting for Love Thy Neighbor..."


92%VideoDec 2014

New York state trooper threatens driver with arrest for video recording

(3:24) John Houghtaling, known for filming (and bating?) his interactions with the police, was pulled by New York state trooper Officer Rosenblatt for a traffic violation.


91%VideoJun 2009

Man invokes angels to protect against arrest

Attempted arrest which involved the use of a taser was foiled after the singing captive broke free and could not be chased, probably due to a diet of delicious doughnuts


89%PictureDec 2007

Raphael arrested

Mutant hero apprehend by police


89%VideoJul 2009

Girl arrested for swearing on 911 call

17-year-old Adrainne Ledesma called 911 after her father had a stroke. The operator's response was unexpected. Not the LPPD's finest hour. Nominated by Martin


88%VideoFeb 2009

Incomprehensible Chav arrested for suspected burglary

Pill popping Liverpool fan gets banged up after some classic theatrics