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94%VideoMay 2013

Tornado survivor finds her dog during TV interview

(2:59) A woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado, found her dog in the rubble during a live TV interview.


94%VideoApr 2014

Brazilian woman mugged during interview on live TV

(0:41) Rio de Janeiro's crime problem was perfectly illustrated when a thief tried to snatch a woman's gold chain during an interview about the high crime rate.


94%VideoJul 2014

Passing out on live TV

(1:45) Usually it's the audience who pass out.


93%PictureFeb 2012

Live TV in India, you're doing it wrong

Can you write a better caption?


90%VideoAug 2009

Reporter holds his composure on live TV

Fans from Serbian football club Red Star Belgrade, give sports reporter Lubos Rossi a helping hand


90%VideoMay 2013

German super brain live action

(4:03) Longest and quickest calculations ever made on live German TV.


90%VideoOct 2012

News anchor loses it over breasts and long stabby things!

(4:11) A good morning from live Australian breakfast TV program 'Today'.

89%VideoNov 2013

White supremacist finds out he's a little bit black

(1:03) To his dismay, American white supremacist and activist Craig Cobb discovers he is 14% African on live TV.


89%VideoMar 2010

Fight breaks out on live TV news

On Italian live TV news channel Canale 10, a fight rudely interrupts the news presenter's report. March 5, 2010.


89%VideoSep 2009

Derren Brown predicts National Lottery numbers, live!

For those who missed this, master mentalist will reveal how this trick was done tomorrow. You have until then to work it out.